***cyberspace and red soup***

there is a hitch with the mixtape. in order for you to get it we are going to have to send you on something of a cyberhunt. a swag swipe. because we’re just annoying like that

this is for iphone only guys, we are not techies. sorry to all the haters on android and blueberry but you will have to wait for it to leak onto torrentshare. but if in regards to wire free telephony you are a subject of steve jobs here’s what you need to do….

download the ‘mike scanner’ app from the app store, don’t worry it’s free.

then in order to get the mixtape you will need to scan two barcodes into your new electronic streets portal. the first barcode is the one shown above these words in cyberspace. the second is the one from the side of a 300g tin of tomato soup by a well known brand

good luck in your mission streets peeps. when you’re in morrisons and you’re confused and you hate me, just remember that we at beat stevie unconditionally love you

Posted by: skinner

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