***cyberspace and reds***

my new album is old. i finished most of it around a year ago. for various reasons they are building up to release it when the ticker times out. apart from having written it and therefore it being a part of me, it doesn’t feel a part of me. its a part of my past. it sits in the machine right now waiting to leak into the cloud. if you are a fan of the streets it will be in your future. ive written blogs like this before. the curiosity of this situation blah blah. the way it is with the internet these days it doesnt have to be like this because as I have demonstrated, i can have an idea and then record it and post it on youstube the same day. i feel negative about everything i’m doing at the moment because ive been doing the same thing for as long as i remember. i’m being creative but I don’t feel any emotion as i do it. it’s nothing new. i lie on the sofa. ipad playing music on my chest, kindle in one hand, with a field recorder in the other recording the sound of the room. i’ve been recording a lot of rooms lately. i can either lie here and just watch james bond or i can get up and make another album from recordings of various rooms. i’ll call the album ‘cyberspace and reds’. it will be available before 7th febuary. it will be painfully repetitive. there’ll be chord changes that have never changed in that way before. the lyrics will make no sense. i’ll post the first song up very soon after this blog. it will be the ‘ragga by way of duran duran’ thing we started last week set to a series of random frost based images. the album artwork will be the first photo that is tweeted to me after this blog is posted that has anything to do with a computer. there will be a whole song on the album that explains the photo that someone is going to send to me. someone else will tweet me a piece of audio after they read this blog which will form the background of the next song I write which will be posted on wednesday. im going to watch live and let die so that i don’t think about the throbbing sensation engorging my inner soul. i will stare at the sleeping pills but i won’t take one. i will record the sound of the tv as i watch it but I won’t turn it into a song as the copyright is owned by EON productions

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