***album artwork***

thanks to @lukeferrar for this, the first photo sent to me in reply to my blog about the new album ‘cyberspace and reds’. it totally represents what the album is about aswell. it’s got the bear obviously and the words ‘whitney technology education’ on the screen which although i don’t consciously understand the meaning of, subconsciously it totally represents what the album is about. i only normally smoke outside casino doors but on my way home from costa coffee i decided to smoke a pack of marlboro reds to remind me what this album is all about. i’ve successfully chained 5 so far. i’m going to read my new copy of sound on sound magazine and then post up the first song on the forthcoming release scheduled for before 7th febuary

p.s. no one has yet sent me any audio. i need this to start on the second song which i will post on wednesday

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