***I loved my phone***

To contradict the song that I wrote once, I ditched the phone. I switched it off one day around 365 days ago and I haven’t turned it on since. At first it seemed like it wasn’t going to last very long but in the same way I became vegetarian one Christmas for no good reason and remained that way for 7 years, I just did it and it seemed to go on and on until that’s just what I did . I was talking to rob about it in the pub last night. He was saying he can’t understand not eating meat. But you just get used to it. It’s like not drinking. it’s weird at first but it becomes just what you do. I had been vegetarian for 7 years until I decided i wanted a ham sandwich and a big mac around the age of 15. I quit drinking for over a year once. I even quit food for 11 days while living in new York writing ‘the hardest way to make an easy living’ and even that wasn’t that hard. I had these really weird lucid dreams though. I would be sat there in a cafe drinking peppermint tea (I allowed myself that comfort) and I would almost nod off while staring at the table and this BIG FLASHING BIG MAC image would light up my whole brain. Apart from those daytime vivid hallucinations from my unconscious it was not that weird abstaining from food. Back to the phone thing, I do tend to ask people if i can use their phone a bit which feels quite hypocritical but its not that often. It’s just really chilled. No buzzing, vibrating or bleeping. and no checking the stream for useless friends and family noise. i do like the look of those new blackberry torch’s though. i always missed having keys on the iPhone…

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